Why Am I Running

I came to Indy thirty years ago when I was still a teen.  At first, it was for college, but I fell in love with the city, and I decided to work for the university that gave me my first real opportunity. It felt like a small town where everyone knew everyone and wanted to be a part of it.  

Over time, I realized the opportunities I found as an outsider were not always available for people that grew up within the city, and I worked to repair this wrong.  As a university student, I volunteered to work with Indianapolis Public Schools to help students enter college — most of whom had always thought this was out of reach. 

Thirty years later, I’m still fighting for our community, and a place to call our own — one that includes all our diverse neighborhoods throughout and brings us all together.  I’m fighting for better public safety and restoring trust within it. I’m fighting to end our mental health and homelessness crises. And yes, I’m fighting to fix the damn potholes that seem to only appear in the parts of town that politicians never visit.  

As a community, we need affordable housing, we need jobs that lift our communities, we just need opportunity.  

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