Clif Marsiglio for Lt. Governor

  • Progressive and Consistent Values You Can Trust
  • Standing Up For
    • Reproductive Rights
    • LGBTQ+ Rights
    • Progressive Civil Rights For All
  • Community-Led Public Safety
  • Substance Abuse / Mental Health Reform

Indiana needs a candidate who can ignite the passion of our base and inspire voters.

For too long, an estimated 40% of our core constituency sitting out year after year disillusioned by Blue Dog Democrats who compromise on our core values. Over the past 25 years, these candidates have consistently lost big, failing to resonate with the true spirit of our party. The ‘presumed’ InDem pick for Lt. Governor, who voted against LGBTQ+ rights, women’s reproductive rights, and for unlimited gun rights, still lost by 8 points.

We Can Do Better

Appealing to the right is not a winning strategy, especially with Libertarian Donald Rainwater and Independent RFK Jr. in the race. The only votes siphoned from the right will go to them. We need a champion who can unite the Left—centrists demanding core values, progressives, and leftists alike. Clif Marsiglio is the candidate who can do this. He stands firm on our principles and has the vision to lead Indiana toward a more equitable and just future. Let’s rally behind Clif and bring about the change we’ve been waiting for.

Top Priorities

Empowering People To Do What’s Right With Their Bodies, Beliefs, and Family

Marsiglio believes in the fundamental right of individuals to make decisions about their bodies, beliefs, and families. “Empowerment means trusting people to know what’s best for themselves and their loved ones.”

Marsiglio will stand up for the rights of Women, LGBTQ+ and All Others Forgotten by the supermajority as well as Democrats who’ve forgotten who we are fighting for.

Repairing Education in Indiana

The Republican supermajority has devastated our education system.  Working in higher education, I see political appointees who race to virtue signal for the worst of the worst, destroying everything they touch. With the majority of college graduates leaving the state, he is committed to creating an environment that encourages them to stay and contribute to Indiana’s future.

Rebuilding the Economy Throughout the State

We will rebuild factories, build up our rural regions, and stop selling our land to foreigners.  We need a strong middle class with unions leading the charge to prosperity in homes throughout the state.

Right to Repair

Every Year farmers lose tens of thousands of dollars by being held hostage to products they have paid for outright. A half million dollar combine can be locked by an overseas company for putting on an aftermarket part. This is not a hypothetical — it happens every day.

We will fight to regain the right to repair your own property.

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Removing Lobbyists From Politics

Unlike all other candidates, Marsiglio will not take money from lobbyists. So many common sense and fiscally sound solutions are vetoed before they are even discussed publically because politicians owe favors. Politicians are cheap. For as little as $1000, a politician will ensure a bill never makes it to the floor. As President of the Senate, Marsiglio WILL ensure these get a fair hearing and those that oppose them are forced to make their decisions in public.

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