Clif Marsiglio
Activist, Community Advocate, Educator

  • Community-Led Public Safety
  • Substance Abuse / Mental Health Reform
  • Safer Streets / Reliable Infrastructure

Top Priorities

Community-Led Public Safety

We have a Public Safety Crisis in Indianapolis. Citizens have lost faith in safety, and our men and women in uniform have lost faith in our leaders.

Ending The Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health, Substance abuse, and Homelessness are intertwined. Here is how we plan to address this.

Overdose Prevention & Awareness

Narcan / Naloxon Training and Distribution.

Safer Streets

Infrastructure seems to be haphazard at best and mismanaged by most measures. The pothole is our official city animal.

The Housing Crisis

Affordable housing is not just a matter of having a roof over one’s head; it’s a matter of basic human dignity and the cornerstone of a thriving and just society. Yet, despite its importance, far too many families struggle to find safe and affordable places to live.

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