House District 100

Clif Marsiglio for Indiana

What distinguishes Clif from the rest?  

I am running for House District 100 located on the East Side of Indianapolis stretching from Monument Circle to the border of 465, reaching south to Fountain Square and north to 65. I live within Holy Cross and have lived in this neighborhood for almost twenty years. I have a wide range of professional interests and have cultivated positive relationships with many leaders and organizations throughout Indianapolis.

I am a Progressive Democrat. I believe in a government that works for the people. I believe that government leaders CAN and SHOULD be our advocates. When elected, I will continue to serve as an advocate for our community.

I am a professional Management Analyst, trained Mental Health Therapist, and a Community Leader. As a Management Analyst, I find inefficiencies through data-driven inquiry and partner with others to build stronger organizations. My training as a Mental Health Therapist focused on Community Psychology and the understanding of how our neighborhoods work for and against us as individuals. I have had several opportunities as a community leader to actively contribute to projects resulting in improvements throughout our city. As a member of the Citizens Alliance for Public Safety, I continue to work on improving relations and ensuring that ALL voices are heard.

My top priorities:

As a State Representative, I will encourage and support opportunities to improve public safety. We have experienced a significant amount of violence in our community and if solutions are not found we will continue to lose our family members, friends, and neighbors to senseless acts of violence. We need additional resources and I will push to bring these much-needed resources back to the East Side of Indianapolis. My proven ability to collaborate with community agencies and those who live there will provide me with the experience and knowledge to find solutions that have not yet been explored.

I will support educators. Working for Indiana University, I am acutely aware of the cost of higher education versus the salary for K-12 educators. With some of the lowest salaries in the Midwest, our educational system is lacking. We are sending fewer and fewer students to college and even less are becoming teachers.

I will focus on improving healthcare, including mental health. Mental health is underserved in our community, especially when it comes to addiction. This affects everyone in our communities. I would like to see folks getting help for their addiction instead of facing jail sentences.

When elected, I will focus on these issues and more. Again, I am a Progressive Liberal, however, I believe collaboration is key to finding solutions. I do this every day with my work in the community. Some of my best friends are conservative and they will continue to stand with me. I will stand for all, not just some. When you elect me, know I will be YOUR advocate and YOUR partner. Not just for the East Side, not just for Indianapolis, but for ALL of Indiana.