Clif for Indiana

I don’t know how to start this, so here it goes: I am running for Indiana House of Representatives, District 100 encompassing parts of Downtown all the way east to 465.

I have been a resident of Indianapolis since 1992 when I moved here to continue my education at Indiana University Purdue University, where I work today bettering education in Indiana.

I have several educational degrees, however, the one I am most proud of comes from Martin University, a Primarily Black College, with a Masters of Community Psychology. I have spent the last 20+ years in Indianapolis trying to facilitate and repair relationships across lines. Most recently, I have become a member of the Citizens Alliance for Public Safety in educating and enabling citizens within our community.

So for now, that is it. I will be creating a new website. This one was really a way for me to keep track of things I found interesting and share with very few friends. It will be the same address, but if you are a friend and want to know my weird interests, my background in Psychology, Machine Intelligence (‘AI’), Community Justice, Education…and whatever weird things I love…don’t worry, this blog will still exist!

I love you all…I hope to hear from you in the community soon.