About Clif

Musician, Programmer, Therapist, Scientist.
Delusionally grandiose, forward-looking. Unabashed lover of Hawaiian shirts.

Hi, I’m Clif.

Musician and Found of Sonikmatter Dot Com, a pioneer in social media designed for and run by professional musicians.  At its height, it was a top-10 rated site hitting well above its means with a focus on production, sound design, songwriting as well as industry consultation ranging from product design, learning management, as well as staffing.

Programmer / Software Developer with a focus on machine intelligence and latent semantic analysis.  Long story short, if the gov’t is reading your emails and creating psychological profiles from them, I’m sorry.

Therapist.  Never finished the PhD in Psychology.  Never will.  Therefore, technically just a therapist.  Why didn’t I finish?  Please See “Programmer/Software Developer”.

Scientist / Statistician.  These days, this mostly involved crunching numbers in SPSS, making pretty graphs in Tableau, and complaining that Excel is too basic but that what takes three minutes in Excel will take 4 hours in R.

Beyond this, I sit on the board of a public safety organization connecting neighborhoods with first responders, trying to bridge a divide that started long before I was born.  Focuses: Diversity within Law Enforcement, Gun Safety, Crime Reduction.


About Images

Images are courtesy of Bitmoji, capturing the ideal me.  The me when I had more hair, and was less saggy.  When getting the best five o’clock shadow was a matter of simply waking up and not setting the trimmer to a two-guard and acting as if it were natural.  My emoji does not have a combover, nor a paunch, but it is what I see when I look into the mirror as I don’t see there ravishes of time, but how I should look.

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